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Sheer Abby Hand-Tied WhisperLite® Wig by Couture Collection
Luxurious layered short wig that's lighter to the touch.
Item # A2171
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A light wig loaded with body? A WhisperLite® wig from Paula Young makes this wish a reality. The secret is in the wig fiber – volume-enriched versatility that's so light and comfortable, you may just forget you're wearing a wig. This hand-tied wig is natural looking and offers supreme styling flexibility. Breathable mesh cap keeps you cool and comfortable all day long. The extended neck allows more coverage of the nape of the neck so you can easily tuck away any stray hairs underneath. Permalift technology provides volume to the style without adding weight. Crafted of easy-care synthetic fiber. Length: 4" Front and Top; 3.25" Crown and Upper Back; 2.75" Sides; 2.25" Nape. Weight: 1.6 oz.
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