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Premium Lace Front Wig by Gabor®
Mid-length lace front wig with angled-cut sides.
Item # W1287
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The Premium Lace Front Wig by Gabor® is a gently layered, shoulder length wig with angled-cut sides that flatteringly frame the face. This fashionable wig includes a hand-knotted monofilament part for a natural looking scalp and optional bangs with a sheer lace front for life-like, off-the-face styling.

Style: Straight

Material: Synthetic

Length: Mid-Length
4 3/4" front; 7 1/2" sides; 10" crown; 9 1/2" back and 5 1/2" nape.

Weight: 3.75 oz.

Features: Lace Front.
Monofilament part.
Velvet-lined ear tabs and nape.
Ultra thin adjusters at the nape for added comfort..

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