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Vikki WhisperLite® Wig by Paula Young®
"Cute as can be. Love it"
– Patty, Wagener, SC
"I ordered this wig and I found it to be cute, but I also had a difficult time trying to style it, I also found the cap to be too small, I measure to be an average but the cap on this wig was about 3/4 of an inch above my hair line, I was afraid if a wind came and blew my bangs it would expose my hair line. The sideburns were not quite long enough to cover my sideburns. The back was very pretty and realistic, however due to the fit of the cap etc. I sent it back."
"Love this wig. I have received a lot of compliments."
"My hair is fine, thin, and straight. I've gotten so many compliments on this wig related to looking younger. I'm 67yrs young! Even my hairdresser didn't know it was a wig. She was shocked. Couldn't believe it until I showed her. Love it !!"
"I received this wig and was disappointed with it. I got the petite and felt the size was fine for me. The front, top and sides looked okay but the back was skimpy and couldn't be styled with either my fingers or brush. Looks cuter on the model than in person. I returned it and am trying a different style."
– Shellee, Clifton, NJ
"The Vikki wig is AWESOME!. I have 3 and about to place another order while they are available. Strangers walk up to me and want to know who does my hair? It is so easy to care for. I use a little pomade to spike it up a little. I am nearly 60 years old and have always had thin, baby fine hair which I have spent a fortune on and never pleased with the results.. Now I am showered,dressed and ready to go in 20 minutes; all because of Vikki! The highlights in 1488/A are gorgeous!"
– Barbara Ringley, Blountville, TN
"I love the Vikki Wig by Paula Young so much I have just ordered my third one to make sure I never run out! You do have to use the gel to get it to look spiky as in the photo. I ordered an average and adjusted it downward and it fits perfectly."
"I absolutely love it. No one can tell it's a wig, they just say, "I love your hair cut" and are shocked or don't believe me when I tell them it's a wig. They say I look younger too. To make it look like the picture, fluffed up, I just used damp fingers and it worked great, otherwise it's kind of flat. Also, the cap fit me perfectly, I will have to get another one."
"I purchased my first wig from Paula scared to death it would be bad. I have very thin fine hair and am 61. I got up enough courage to wear it and boy has it changed my thinking about wigs. So cute easy to fix just run fingers through it and go. 2 of my aunts like it so much they are planning on buying some from Paula also. Thank you so much!!!!!!"
"I love the Vikki Wig by Paula Young, I have two of them in a perfect color for my skin, since I am have been using this sexy style my friends had been asking me who is my personal stylist and I told them PAULA YOUNG, they touch my wig wondering if it's my own hair.. now I feel so good, my hair was so thin and gray, with this style I look young and sexy !Thanks Paula Young."
– Carmen Rausch, Mesilla Park, NM
"I purchased Vikki Wig by Paula Young with 2 others...unfortunately, I had to send this one back. I ordered all the wigs in petite size, but this one was very small! I did love the color, I ordered honey, very pretty and natural looking. But based on other reviews as well as mine, I think the sizing is off."
"I received the Vikki Wig by Paula Young today and I am also wondering why the other women loved it so much! The wig cap is small and does not cover my hairline. The wig does not look anything like the picture. I used the styling gel to style the front of the wig but it still does not look like the picture. Fortunately the wig color is very close to the color of my hair so although the wig does not completely cover my head and my hair is seen it does not look bad."
"I've been wearing wigs for about a year and half; my own hair isn't what it used to be (not that it was that great to begin with, but still...) The Vikki Wig by Paula Young is the ONLY wig that really works with my pin-head and small features, and it looks great out of the box. I keep trying others, but nothing has matched Vikki for me. I hope it's NEVER discontinued!"
"Vikki Wig by Paula Young is the cutest wig I've ever owned - so cute that I am going to purchase another one in a different color. I am 68 years old and believe it or not, it is not too young of a look for me. It's absolutely adorable and everyone thinks it's my own hair."
– Susan Lester, Pointblank, TX
"I am 68 yrs old and I own this Vikki Wig by Paula Young. It is fantastic. It looks young and upbeat without making me just look like an old woman trying to be mod. It's absolutely adorable. I do agree with the fact that it runs small so if you are a petite, get an average and you should have no problem with fit."
– Susan Lester, TX
"The Vikki Wig by Paula Young is adorable but it does run small. I have a small head and the petite was too small but I kept it by blending my hairline with it. I have since ordered the average and that fits perfect. I get lots of compliments on how cute this is on me."
"I love this Vikki Wig by Paula Young! It is so cute and the messier it looks, the better. It comes in a lot of colors too. I thought after I tried the first time that I was going to send it back but then I grew to really like it. It's just a cute mess!"
– Nelda, Tulsa, OK
"I received the Vikki Wig today and was so disappointed when I tried it on. I am going through chemo now and have totally lost my hair, so I must have wigs that cover my whole head. First, the petite is too small; second, the sides barely reach the top of my ear; third, the back of the wig is too thin, as I can see the cap in several places. I must return it tomorrow, but I'm afraid to order this wig in the average size because that one may not be something I can use either."
"I adore the Vikki Wig by Paula Young - I have over a dozen wigs but the Vikki is the most comfortable one and also the one I get the most compliments over! No one even guesses it's a wig! I have the exclusive color, but am now thinking of buying another one!!!!!"
– Pat, Tucker, GA
"Really like the style and it is very comfortable. Since my hair is thin and fine, I like the fact that there is not too much hair. Have had compliments on my great new haircut!"
"I bought this Vikki Wig by Paula Young in a salt and pepper color and I love it! My hair is falling out due to chemo and I will wear this wig every day. It fits well,I ordered it in petite, and I love the sassy look!"
"I was not happy with how it had a messed up look. My husband told me it looked like I just got out of bed. It was the length I wanted but I couldn't style it like I wanted and was unhappy with the color. I ordered the T8/12/14 that the model wore but it looked totally different when I received it so I have returned it."
"Love Love Love Vikki! I am 40 years old and get compliments on how young I look all the time. Plus how it thins my face. For those that have tried it and didn't keep it. The top looks different and random everyday. Its spunky and funky. It's not meant to look uniform in any way and that is what creates the youthful look. Thank you Paula Young for your great products. Keep them coming!"
– Deonna, Smithfield, NC
"I bought this wig in a salt and pepper color and I love it. I got it in petite and it fits well and looks great!"
"Love love this wig. So many compliments. Most people say , what a cute haircut. A waitress asked if my hair was natural curly and I said yes. She said she could tell. No one knows it is a wig. I wore it all winter instead of a hat. I have decided I need another of the same style as it is perfect for me. I am 73 and the white is so natural it blends in with my hair."
– pauline, Chickasha, OK
"This wig is so flattering that I get lots of compliments on my hair. It is also very natural looking and easy to wear. You just shake it out and put it on. I just love it."
– Anne Newcomb, St. Johns, FL
"I love this wig!! I ordered the white which is my color. I find it blends perfect with my hair. I love the gel, it fluffs the style and holds in place. I find wearing it higher above my hairline and pulling out my own hair looks much more natural for me. I love it when people tell me what a beautiful color my hair is, how they wish they could wear my hair style. Some I tell it is a wig and their reaction is always funny as they check out my head. I'm ready for Vikki #3."
– Sandra, Indianapolis, IN
"I love My Vikki Wig, it is very cool and charming for all occasians, light weight and easy to care for. The colors are very natural looking. I only wish you had more styles in the mini petite."
– Rose Mathieson, Fort Wayne, IN
"I love this wig, it's a cute style. I couldn't style natural hair like this."
"I love this wig. No one knows that it is not my real hair and are always asking who cuts my hair and does my color. Excellent hair style. Makes me feel younger!!!!"
– Kathy, Philadelphia, MS
"As you know I have ordered many wigs and for the most part I love them all. I have a small face so I do get some of them trimmed/shaped. The one BIG problem I have is the color selection. I had always ordered #33 dark auburn but now I have to GUESS at the right color for me. I wish the colors in the magazine or on line could be more accurate. I wear a wig about 3 times a week. "
– Elaine Simerlink, Indio, CA
"This is my 16th wig from paula young, I am a breast cancer surviver and my hair never came back. I love the Vikki wig because I can get up in the morning and grab it until I have a chance to dress and grab a dressier one."
"Light and airy, perfect cover for poolside when heavy wig too hot and log. Get lots of compliments/when my hair grows back may think about this style!"
"I've purchased several of the Vikki wigs, changing only the color. I'm now wearing the Honey color, but have also had the Silvery Moon. Many compliments on the style, it's a young looking style which is flattering to an older woman. If you like a short, natural-looking wig, try this. You'll like it."
"I absolutely love this wig. I have received so many compliments on how nice it looks, I bought it in two different colors. It looks so real, most people don't even know I'm wearing a wig. Good buy!!!"
– Kathy Harima, Kahului, HI
"I love this wig, it is comforable and natural looking. Im going to London and do not want to be messing with my hair all the time."
"This has become my favorite wig style - have several in different colors. Have tried other styles, but they seem to have too much hair for me, after being so used to Vikki, which is short and spiky. The older a person gets, the more youthful their style should be - this one fills the bill."
– Jackie Moore, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
"Goodness Gracious, what can I possibly say about Vikki..I just got my "4th" one. Now I am a redhead, blonde, brunette and frosted. Absolutely adorable. So natural I hardly recognize myself. What you show is what you get, 100%."
– Arleen Kaufman, Las Vegas, NV
"I love the Vikki wig. It is light weight, doesn't have alot of hair like so many wigs do, is more like my own. I like it so much I bought four of them, even all in the same color. I get so many compliments when I wear it. It takes no care whatsoever to look great. I pick at the top with my fingers and I am ready to go. Another great asset is that it doesn't have that set look, more carefree looking."
"Wasn't sure I would like Vikki but I really do! My only regret is that I couldn't get the color I wanted (60B) so got 60. It may be too 'white'. But I do like the short cut - and not too much 'hair'. "
– Cherianne Johnson, Ventura, CA
"I've worn PY wigs for 20+ years, style Abby for the last 5 or 6. I was so glad when the mini-petite size came out as it fits my small head so much better. I loved that Vikki even ran a bit small-- the best fit for me yet. The tousled crown of Vikki looked so great on me. But the sides and back were just too short, especially the sideburns in front of my ears. So... back to Abby for now, and waiting. I'm 70 but look and feel younger and I know the PY wigs have a lot to do with that."
"I love the Vikki wig. It does fit small. I usually order a petite, but because of the reviews I ordered an average. Fits perfect. It has the right amount of hair, not too much. Would have liked to take a picture of it. Ordered Buttered Toast. Love it."
– Helen, Creston, BC
"I've been wearing Paula Young wigs exclusively for the last 4 years due to extreme hair loss in the front of my head. This one is my favorite. It get's the most compliments and is the most comfortable. I'm dissappointed that they discontinued my color, the captivating flame. I got so many people asking me who colored my hair, and now I can't get any wigs in that color. Unless I tell people, they don't know I wear wigs. By the way, I'm a hair stylist."
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